best disc golf discs

Finding the best disc golf discs can be really tough for a beginner, especially when you are just getting into this sport but you don’t know what exactly you are buying and what it that you will be getting is.

If you have been playing for sometime then you will exactly know what you are getting and maybe are looking for something new.

In any case this is a complete guide on buying one that you can find easily online.

If you are in a rush then this a quick selection for every category that you can get.


How to select?

If you are a newbie you are probably confused about so many choices available when essentially each one of them is just a disc and yet they function differently and serve different purpose.

The key to understanding this sport is in the name. It is just like Golf but with discs. The same way your goal in golf is to get to the end in the minimal shot, you have to do same thing here except with discs.

Even the names are also same like drives, putter etc. Once you have that understood it essentially becomes easy to understand what disc will be required for what purpose.

Different Types of Disc Golf Discs

Distance DriverFairway Control DriverMidrange DiscsPutter

A distance driver has one goal and that is to get you as far as possible in a single throw. This also depends on how you throw but a lot of it depends on the disc. A good distance driver will fly straight, will not budge or wobble, will be steady and won’t make any unexpected turns.

These discs can travel upto 400ft when thrown correctly with the right technique but if you mess it up, they will lose control and you will get very frustrated.

When buying a distance driver what you want to look for is speed and glide. Speed will help the disc get there faster before it starts losing control while glide will balance it while it reaches the point. A good thrower will be able to cover long distances very easily with these discs and they are what a lot of players start the game with.

So a good distance driver will go far and easily.

 What if you just want it to fly straight? Just straight into a line without going too much to the sides or curving or changing direction? Then it is time to get a control driver. A control driver will push it straight forward and not have it change directions or curve.

Control drivers will not go as fast as a distance driver but will be more stable when following a straight path for a good distance.

It is great to use when you have a straight clear path to cover and all you need to do is get through the long road. Also if you are in the woods and in between the trees if you can see the gap and throw it straight forward then you can easily get out of it.

These discs are old distance drivers that have lost their edge and can’t travel that far anymore. These discs provide good aim while not crossing the target.

They are way slower than the other two and are usually used at the end of the game before a putter. These discs provide maximum control with good stability to get you as close to the target as possible without overshooting.

On the one hand you get maximum control while on the other hand you lose speed and distance. So they are perfect for the right targets but not for covering distances in which case you better off using fairway or distance driver.

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Finally, the putter! These are the last disc that you will use when it is time to slow it down and get that right aim to finishing off the game.

Compared with drivers they are the slowest in the game, will not go far and curve a lot but they always fly straight, land easily in the basket and can also be used to get out of close distance tricky spaces. They are also used for approach shots because of their accuracy.

They provide the lowest amount of fade and are perfect for those straight fly into the basket shots in the end which provide good accuracy.

Now that you know about different types of discs that you can choose from and get from let’s look into that are available in the market right now that you can get.

Best Disc Golf Driver

Star Destroyer

Star DestroyerIf you have loved star wars then you are going to love this distance driver. The name being apt for this product you can throw it against the wind and it will still deliver.

This disc is amazingly stable for long distances while maintaining the speed to cover the distance quickly.

If there is one driver that you can go out and quickly it should be this one. It is not beginner friendly so if you are just starting off then the second one will be a better option for you but it is a strong one so if you bang it, it won’t break.

Latitude 64 Saint

Latitude 64 SaintSaint is the most straight forward driver which makes it perfect for beginners. Built with hardcore plastic it is meant for a long survival while providing long and far flights with easy power throws.

Eventually you will have to learn the right techniques to be able to use some more powerful discs like the destroyer but for beginners just starting off in the game it will be perfect.

This disc is a bit over stable so a good throw will help it deliver it performance quite easily but as we said just for beginners this disc will be perfect to get into and learning the game while practicing throws.

It is definitely the best disc golf driver to get!

Previous users vouch for it and have loved this disc.

Discraft Nuke Driver

Discraft Nuke DriverThis is a perfect driver for medium to expert level players who want the correct design and aerodynamics to push their disc for extra distance.

Nuke driver by Discraft helps you achieve extremely good distance by using its wide design with heavy rims. It comes with a stability rating of a 1.6 which means it can be used by wide range of players on the field, that with their plastic quality and the right throw this disc is an absolute beast when it comes to covering distances.

Apart from its distance capabilities Nuke driver is definitely one of the coolest driver disc on the market. That skull design looks really good in hand coupled with the neon plastic of the disc, it will be hard for you to part with it and throw.

Do keep in mind that images are usually backlit so they almost always look different in reality but even in that case this disc did not disappoint.

Even if you are a casual player you will find it to be very controlling and good on the field.

Best Mid Range Disc

Let’s jump into mid range discs, these are also very important of your game so it is vital that you get the best mid range disc for yourself.

Innova DX Shark Golf Disc

Innova DX SharkThe Shark has been loved by many players for its capabilities in mid and short ranges. It flies quite straight and is a great disc to help you get out of tricky situations.

The shark has been loved for its capabilities of getting out in a tricky situation by flying straight and landing where you want it to.

It does not wobble and because of its weight it only goes as far as you want in a straight direction before landing.

Another thing great about it is this is the best mid range disc for beginners. It is an absolute beast when it comes to how well it is made which makes it very easy for beginners to get on it and start getting good throws from the start.

One problem with it is that you cannot decide the weight of it while purchasing and for a mid range disc it is vital to know the weight so you can calculate your throw. Since it can’t be selected it is fair to be skeptical of it but when you will hold it in your hand and have that throw you will realize that you were worried about nothing.

It is absolutely easy to get started with it and have the best game of your life.

Discraft Buzzz Elite Z

discraft buzzz elite zIt is impossible to list out discs and not have a Discraft in it. Buzzz Elite Z is a perfect all rounder disc which is recommended for all level players. It also provides best accuracy in all conditions while providing good quality that will last long.

Most importantly beginners are loving this disc for its ease of use and flight path. It runs straight and accurately without having to worry too much about your throw.

Overall it is a great disc by a reputable company that can be enjoyed by any level player.

Best Disc Golf Putter

Now that we have reached towards the end of the game with our perfect driver and mid range it is time to put and finish off the game in style.

For putting we need a specific type of disc, it has to fly slow and towards the target. This is why a putter disc is important.

DX Aviar

best-disc-golf-putter-for-beginnersYou can ask anyone in the community and other players which is the best disc golf putter for beginners out there and almost always the answer will be DX Aviar. It is not a coincidence that so many players recommend it and is played by professionals in tournaments.

DX Aviar is overstable which provides you with the most predictable flight path even against the wind. It also has low fade which helps keep it straight on a shorter and longer distance at the same time.

If you look back and see what pros used to win there championships it will be aviar, I think that alone can tell you why it is the best disc golf putter to get.

Overall it works and it works very well for beginners to all the way professionals in tourneys.


This was our list of best discs for every player and every type requirement. Make sure to learn about throw movement after getting the disc to utilize them correctly. Have fun on the course.