skateboard wheels reviews

So many choices, so many variants with durometer and size etc, it can be confusing getting a good set of wheels for yourself or as a gift.

We will try to cover all the various purposes such as cruising, for concrete, beginners etc. This way if you are starting off you will know exactly which wheels to get and start using.

Top Skateboard Wheels
  • Durometer
  • Size
  • Formula
  • Built For
  • Design Rating
  • Overall Rating
    Out of 5
  • ButterBalls
  • 80A
  • 65mm-70mm
  • Slide Formula Urethane
  • Sliding
  • Shark Wheels California Roll
  • 78A
  • 70mm
  • High Quality Polyurethane
  • Street riding
  • Bones Rough Riders
  • 80A
  • 56mm
  • All Terrain Formula
  • All Terrain Casual Riders

How To Select Skateboard Wheels For You

First off if you are here you know that you want the top wheels out there but do you know for what purpose will they be used for on your skateboard?

There are a lot of things you have to consider before getting yourself a set of wheels. Will you be using them for cruising? or will they be used for verts/ramps? or concrete parks?

Each purpose requires a different set of tires but for some regular usage skateboards it is best to go with general wheels.

They are decided on various factors such as durometer, size, contact area etc. Now most of the factors can be avoided but the two most important factors that are extremely crucial are durometer and size.

Durometer is the softness or hardness and is measured on ‘A’ scale. Higher the durometer number, harder it is and vice versa. Basically harder wheels do not stick to the ground because of which they provide speed and acceleration. The downside is that they provide no shock absorption, which leads to bumpy skateboard ride.

Size is what it is, size.. Size is important because depending on it they will provide functionality. Size matters because that is what is keeping your skateboard balanced. Basically smaller wheels can turn fast and keep the board light but since they cover less ground they do not provide speed or acceleration, whereas larger ones can provide speed but because of there size cannot turn quickly on your skateboard.

When looking at our reviews we will keep these two factor the most in mind. This will help you select the right tires for you quickly and easily.

We also have a complete post on different types that you can check out.

Apart from this we will also look at their design, material and overall quality as a factor in our reviews.

Our 5 Best Skateboard Wheels With Reviews!

Sector 9 Nine Ball

Sector 9 has undoubtedly established itself as one of the most respected skateboard parts sellers that exists on the market today.

With their durability and long lasting , skaters everywhere prefer these wheels over other companies wheels due to the fact that while others brake way too easily, Sector 9’s wheels are known for being able to slide with ease.

Let’s dive right in and attempt to understand what makes Sector 9 wheels at the top of the food chain.


With a very 90’s style of appeal, the wheels come in a neon green color with “Nine Balls” written in bold, green text while having a pink and white stroke on the outer layer. On top of the B in the second word, on the left side of the wheels is the size of the wheels printed in black stating “74MM 78A”. On the right side of the wheels in between the two words is a nice, little picture of can that has the number 9 on it mimicking the “8” from an 8 ball.

These are made from top shelf urethane with a 50mm contact patch. The design is very well done and with some strong use, the design would surely fade, however, the green coloring would remain strong.


These have one very strong element about them – they’re gummy. What is that good for? Gliding, dancing, and craving.

These wheels offer enough resistance to help you glide around while attributing to some awesome acoustics. Even if you’re out in an urban area doing some street skating, these wheels have a great adaption to poor cement and holds, that it feels like you’re skating on a new blacktop. The diameter of the wheels is 74MM 78A. They have a great way of sticking really well and sliding directly when you need them to.


The best thing about these wheels is the texture. The gummy, yet strong wheel is best for gliding around the town with a solid grip for any sketchy landings.

Bones Wheels 100’s #9 Skateboard Wheels!

Bones Wheels is commonly associated with many pro skateboarding legends such as Bucky Lasek, Ben Hatchhell, and Tony Hawk.

Bones are known as the OG 100s and have been known to be very good for beginners who are not used to the hard & tight set up.

We are going to go over some short facts about the 100s, so you’re not going in blind while using them.


The plain white urethane design comes with a sweet looking “Bones” in a grime styled font at the top of the wheel. The words are all in black with a sketchy, blood-red outline.

On the left side of the wheels is a dope drawing that is Bones signature image. On the right side of the wheels is 54, which is set to represent the number of millimeters that the wheel itself is. They also come in multiple sizes, however, the default size is 54MM.

On the bottom of the wheel is “100’s”, which is the category of the brand that these wheels, as state at the beginning of this review. Though all of the decal will most likely scrape off during skating, the wheels are quite sturdy, and can more than handle any wear & tear that you may put them through, so give ’em hell!


With these wheels being on the larger side of most designs, they will roll much more smooth than some of the other more gummy textures. These wheels are more on the standard side of skating and are perfect for half-pipes and other forms of indoor/outdoor ramps. The smooth ride that these wheels provide are designated for skate parks and beginner rider, as they have no special design flaws that would enable a more experienced rider to finesse their way through the streets.


Not only are these wheels great for kids and those of us who are new to the sport, they are real gnarly looking and can go with almost any complete skateboard build that you may have in mind.

Shark California Roll Skateboard Wheels – Perfect for cruising, sidewalks and street skating.


Shark wheels are known quite well in the industry for there unique design and perspective.

These as you can see in the picture are not your regular type of set of tires.


Before we get into all the details let’s look into some basic facts and figures.

Company Shark Wheel is named as such because they claim that they can glide over surface the same way a shark glides in water. Providing you with the most smooth experience out there.

They started off as a Kickstarter project with the initial goal of $10,000 but ended up collecting $79,350 with over 1,000 backers for there wheels.

They are available in 60mm and 78a. They are also available in various colors to choose from such as blue, white, black, green, orange and red. They are not the usual round type but are designed specifically and then perfected for streets for smooth ride.


At first they look very weird and hard to wrap your head around. This is because of there weird looks. They are not the regular round types that you usually expect but instead have these wiggly base that the company claims helps you get across any kind of surface smoothly.

Apart from the base, the wheels do look good on a skateboard and if you are into street riding bring a unique design opportunity for you.Shark wheels

The most unique thing about the design is that when you are looking at them from the top, they give the wiggly vibe and look like they are not round and are out of shape, but when you look at them from the side they look perfectly round.

This can really mess with your head if you don’t see it first hand. It is also at this point you realize that ofcourse they are round or else how will they rotate?

All in all the design of the wheels is really good, unique, looks good on skateboard and serves the purpose really well.


These wheels are made for cruising and are perfect for longboards but you can use them on your regular skateboards too if you like to cruise on it.

The design really helps it get through some rough patches and rough terrains. The way these work is they slide right through gaps, holes and patches on the road and even small gravels and grass.

The design of these skateboard wheels really helps provide a smooth ride for those who like to cruise around outdoor.

The design is also complimented by the softness of the wheels and as you know soft wheels are used for longboards and outdoors. It is because soft wheels are great for shock absorption and thus you getting less vibrations in your feet while on your skateboard.

If you are looking for attempting tricks or catch speed with it then you will be disappointed. These are soft and thus they they don’t provide too much speed but provide smoothness.


All things considered these are great for cruising, street skating and outdoors. The softness provides good shock absorption while the design helps you glide through rough patches.

Bones ATF Rough Riders Skateboard Wheels – Ultimate Cruising and Great for Beginners

rough riders - beginner skateboard wheels

If you are an hardcore cruiser and want something which is smooth, fast, reliable and perfect for commuting then Bones rough riders skateboard wheels are for you.

These wheels will roll over anything and go pretty fast doing so. They are also part of Bones brands line up of ATF, which stands for All Terrain Formula.

They are designed to provide a super smooth experience on sidewalks, dust and even grass.

In there promotional video these wheels can be seen rolling over just about any type of terrain there is and doing it quite easily. They are also very shock absorbent because of their softness at 80a.


At first glance they look like normal wheels which are brightly colored but as you look at them closely they start to look better.

The bright colors are quite common with a lot of wheels out there and rough riders are no different. Although these look quite better when rolling.

They have a sharp finish which gives it a royal feeling with small tribal designs underneath the texts and details of the tire.

They come in various colors such as green, red and yellow. These colors are bright and overtime will lose there shine but a good clean can bring it right back without any issues.

Wheels are also 56mm which if you know is quite small for cruising but from design perspective they look good and really bring the feel of a cruiser together.


Since 56mm is actually quite small for cruising, I do believe the reason the company went with it is because they provide high turning rate. It is easier to turn with smaller wheels and since Bones wanted to release a product that is meant for streets this size wheels works perfectly well.

To compensate for the shocks on skateboards, they have also made it softer at 80a. Now 80a might not be the softest out there but it is definitely not the toughest. 80a rating is perfect for wheels that requires enough softness to absorb shocks but also should manage to get speed and not dragged down like others.

Looking at the complete thing, 56mm size provides faster turning but does not manage to provide enough speed, whereas 80a helps in shock absorption and does not sacrifice on speed at the same time.

This combination makes them a perfect set of skateboard wheels for cruising and everyday travelling. They will roll over any kind hole, gap, dirt or terrain and provide you with a smooth ride. They will however will not be as fast as other wheels but since those are used in parks and these are used on streets they are perfect.

They are also perfect for beginners as they fit perfectly in the middle to tricking and cruising so a beginner can take these and travel while if he wants to trick out, he can do that too anytime he like.


If you are looking to use these skateboard wheels in parks for some expert level skating then you are going to be disappointed. For those requirements you will need larger wheels which you can check out down below.

These wheels are true to there words and perform well on streets or while cruising. If you are a beginner looking for a set of wheels that helps you get into all of the mediums of boarding then you will enjoy these too.

Sector 9 Butterball Skateboard Wheels – Best For Sliding And Free riding


Sector 9 produces some of the top skateboard wheels out there and butterball is just one of those amazing products.

Butterball as the name suggests are meant for sliding and free riding and are meant to provide a smooth experience when sliding.

These have been loved by the industry for quite sometime now specially since they have launched a while back. Let’s look into what makes butterball so special.


Design wise there is nothing unique about them as they are quite simple with basic design and branding text.

On the side there is a huge Butterball logo along with a small colored sector 9 logo. They are only available in one color and that is yellow.

Wheels are simple printed which means after regular and rugged usage the designs will start to fade away. The wheels are long lasting though so you can be sure that they are going to last you for months.

Even though design at first glance feels normal and quite ordinary, in hand they feel beautiful and ready to slide. The yellow logo design also helps bring the purpose into the wheels right out of packaging.


These wheels were designed for one purpose and that is gliding. One thing is for sure that they stand true to there name of butterball. Just like butter they are smooth, flexible and slide really well.

They are able to achieve the best smoothness out there by there own slide formula which basically is even mold release around the center made with Urethane. This is what is mentioned though obviously they won’t reveal how exactly does it slide so well for others to copy.

Another thing that helps with the slide is center set core. The center core is very important for sliding. Bearings basically sit in the center. The best reason to have center set wheels is because they are predictable to how they will react.

The main criteria according to us is the fact that they are 80a. A lot of skaters will suggest going for 80a+ wheels for a good slide but that is not the case always.

The key thing thing is good balance of softness and speed which 80a wheels provides well. These wheels maintain there balance while sliding and keep the speed up for when you need it.


Over all these are best wheels for sliding all round. You can get them as a beginner in sliding and know that you will be practicing with the right set of wheels instead of risking it with something that is not meant for sliding.

These were our top selection of skateboard wheel feel free to contact us if you want to suggest us any that you think will be very suitable in the list and that we should include it.