best skateboard brands for all

Whether you’re out kick flipping that 5-set or rolling around on the half-pipe, picking out a good skateboard from the right brand for your money is salient to how well you do in skateboarding.

Many factors come into play here such as the spacing of the trucks, the quality of the bearings, how many layers are in the deck, how well the tape was applied, and the quality of the workmanship put into the deck itself.

Which is why we have selected the best skate brands out there for you to quickly select the right and top class brand for you!

You’re probably wondering “Why can’t you just get a cheap, throw away non brand skateboard from my local department store”? Those skateboards are exactly as you described them, cheap & able to be thrown away.

You don’t want to put your physical well-being in the hands of a skateboard that can easily break apart. The grip tape that is used is also important. Skateboarding is good for your health in the sense that it is a great form of exercise. Not only that, but it can be a stress reliever as well.

Skateboard BrandTop SkateboardsGood ForLink
SkatroMini Cruiser

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PennyPenny Nickel

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Penny Classics

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Penny Graphic

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PlaywheelsPlaywheels TMNT Cruiser

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Krown RookieKrown Rookie

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Things you need to ask and look for in a brand when buying a complete skateboard:

  • Is the product/brand safe? Time and time again, companies release products with the minimal amount of safety testing required. So make sure you buy a thick, durable deck.
  • Is the deck itself at least 21 inches long? That is the shortest length recommend.
  • Does the skateboard come with already applied grip tape or will you need to apply it yourself? You would like to have the grip tape already applied because while getting it on right isn’t hard, if you have air bubbles or something similar, there’s no going back unless you go to a skate shop.
  • Are the bearings safe and reliable? Can they be used in strenuous environments? Will they break apart at the first sign or misuse? These are all important things to consider as some companies that sell complete skateboards make custom bearings and trucks at a very reasonable price in comparison to companies that just part them out.
  • What is the deck made out of? It is plastic? If so, is it a premium alloy blend? If it is a wooden deck, how many layers does the wood have and what kind of wood is it?
  • Is the skateboard bidirectional? This isn’t entirely necessary, however, if you’re a beginner or just don’t feel like turning the skateboard around every time you skate switch, then consider getting a bidirectional skateboard.
  • Is the deck itself flexible or plastic and can it hold the standard amount of weight or more?
  • Are the trucks high extended or just low?
  • Are the brushings soft or hard?
  • Can the bearings rust? If so, can it be cleaned easily?

Buying a complete skateboard from a good brand is when you purchase an already put together board that comes with a deck, the tape already applied, the wheels, the trucks, and the bearings all screwed in. You can also make custom requirements for your complete skateboard like interchanging different trucks or bearings to better fit your own personal style of skating.

 Best Skateboard By Top Brands 2017!


Covering multiple countries all over the world, Skatro is widely received as one of the top mini-cruiser suppliers that are in existence. Starting from a very small office and humble beginnings, Skatro brand was determined to provide excellent care and respect to their clients while maintaining a quality product that is both mechanically sound as well as financially viable.

One of the most common phrases associated with Skatro mini cruisers brand is their “very smooth ride”. The custom alloy trucks and wheels provide a great transition from any smooth surface to even the most torn-up of cement walkways.

Best By Skatro – Mini Cruiser

best skateboard for college and mini cruiser  

This board is seemingly unique given the fact that it’s 22 inches and the ABEC7 bearings are custom.

That’s not something that every skateboard company provides.

Skatro provides a very portable product and stand by their board and its quality.

Product Specifications

The skateboard is directional, so if you’re skating switch the tail end will be forward, though, it makes for an easy switch heel flip. The deck itself is plastic. The skateboard dimensions are 3x6x22 inches. The wheels are 59MM urethane custom Skatro brand wheels. The bearings are ABEC 7 Skatro bearings. The trucks are 3 inches aluminum trucks. The board itself is only a light 4.7lbs and comes in one color.


Flexible plastic. Skatro does not hide that they have a superior product design with their plastic, bendable but firm surface. This is specifically good for younger riders and beginners, that’s not to say that the skateboard wouldn’t be good for a seasoned rider as well.

The board itself is actually very portable in the sense that it only weighs a modest four pounds. Which means you can jump on and off in any situation that may warrant you to walk or ride. The ABEC7 bearings are top quality bearings and of the highest class. Also accompanying all of these fine features comes the kick-tail end of the board. This is to ensure that maneuvering and tricks can be performed with this utmost of ease.

Why should I choose this mini-cruiser?

Trick wise, you can perform many different tricks. The price is well worth it because of the lightweight nature and solid design of the skateboard brand. The trucks and bearings are custom made by the company so there is no room for error as the quality is promised to be upheld by the company. Also, the package itself comes with a mini T-tool which is great for on the spot replacement of wheels, adjusting the bearings, and also interchanging the trucks if need be.

When you’re at the skate park or in a freestyle environment at a parking lot or structure, you want to have the most stability possible. You wouldn’t want your trucks cracking or a ball bearing spewing out during the landing of a nice front style 360 flip. If you’re in school, then choosing a skateboard brand for college while you’re away will be extremely easy given that this board is so very cheap and durable.

Penny Skateboards

What sets Penny Skateboards brand in a category of it’s own among other developers of the product is that the owner himself grew up as a longboard skater. He then transitioned from skating to manufacturing and design of skateboards and eventually into a brand.

Penny Skateboards was created by a long-term skateboarder who began skateboarding as a child and gradually climbed the ranks of street skaters and long boarders located in Australia. He then took this experience and knowledge and began to develop a brand of his own. Stemming from his influence and effort was what is known as Penny Skateboards.

What goes into every skateboard is hard work and tweaks that are from an experienced skater. Operating primarily out of Australia, the company also has a United States location and website that provides assistance to all newcomers and repeat customers alike. These are the best boards by them:-

Penny Nickel


This skateboard brand is phenomenal for those of us with larger feet and larger bodies.

The skateboard itself supports up to 230lbs which is 30lbs more than the average skateboard.

A simple, yet very plausible design, if you are looking for something to take trekking through the streets of California or deep through an urban environment, then this is the product for you.

Product Specifications

The skateboard comes in very, very many different designs and the skateboard itself is 22 inches so if you have big feet, that will be no problem.

The bearings are what’s known as ABEC7 and are highly durable even under extreme use.

The wheels are the standard size, of course, at 59MM/78A. The trucks are 3 inches and come with 90A bushings. The skateboard itself is in the higher 3lbs area and is extremely light weight.


Large quality coloring with the plastics that are used, the board comes in many designs. There are more than 10 different color and design variations to choose from. The skateboard is 22 inches long and is perfect for skaters who are not petite, as some would call it.

It is very durable under pressure as well and can hold a substantial amount of weight. Coupled with the lack of a weight restriction, Penny Skateboards creates every skateboard with a highly flexible and durable solution of plastic.

You can take this skateboard and smack it with a hammer and it will seemingly be unscathed. This is impossible with your average wood deck. The sleek design makes for a speedy mobility and perfect traction while you’re jumping up kickers and bridging gaps.

The trucks, which are grade A 356 and are made of a powder coated aluminum. They are seemingly unbreakable and are not abled to be rusted.

Stripes, swirls, directly solid colors, and different varied graphics options are able to be chosen for your skateboard.

A common question asked is, can I carve using this model. The simple answer is yes, this brand is perfect for carving. The Penny Skateboard brand has the best design, is light weight, strong, reliable, and extremely cost-effective.

Why should I buy this skateboard?

First and foremost, the trucks and wheels are both custom made by Penny Skateboards brand, so you don’t have to go out buying special trucks or wheels because they already made them and attached them for you.

As stated above in the pros section, the brand is very durable and can undergo even the most harshest of treatment. Skating is an art and it is a sport, it takes significant effort and you need to be able to rely on the products that you purchase. All of them. Penny Skateboards in that reliability.

Penny Classics

best skateboard for tricks

If you’re looking for a skateboard brand that you can man-handle without taking too much into regard when it comes to being safe with, then this is the board for you.

This model is for the most extreme skater who is not afraid of taking on new skating challenges and ready to kick through gaps and grind their way into the record books.

Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard


This is without a doubt one of the best brand for beginners. It supports weight exceedingly well and is almost impossible to damage.

As stated above, those of us who do not really take care of our possessions in the skateboarding realm, would love this skateboard.

It is extremely resilient under pressure and harsh use or conditions and is about as indescribable as a skateboard can be.

Penny Skateboards brand is more reliable than the majority of the other skateboarding companies and they live up to that standard in the products.

Product Specifications

The skateboard itself is a sleek 22x7x7 inches, which makes it very easy for larger individuals to ride on. The product only weighs about 4bs and can be carried through any doors, hallways, and can easily be transitioned back into mobility on a moments notice.

The plastic is made from Penny Skateboard’s own brand “secret formula” and is a highly respectable substance in the skateboard manufacturing industry. The bearings are Penny ABEC7 which is Penny’s very own, personally crafted bearings.

The wheels are also custom made by Penny and are 59MM 78A wheels. There is also a kicktail crafted onto the skateboard.


On Amazon, this is currently a top rated brand with many positive reviews to accompany that achievement. This skateboard can be carried, transported, or rode basically anywhere given the lightweight, durable design.

The cross-hatch feature that is capped over the top of the skateboard can be used as a griptape of sorts that normally doesn’t come with a longboard. Not only is the original design spectacular, Penny offers a vast variety of designs with their product.

On their Amazon page, there are over 30 different design possibilities alone to choose from. The ABEC7 bearings are top grade bearings in the world of skateboarding and are even used by the pros.

This provides a very smooth ride while transitioning between switch and normal footing.

Why should I buy penny graphics skateboard?

This skateboard brand is without a doubt the best for beginners.The board itself is very, very strong and holds well under pressure.

How many times have you spent money on a skateboard, just to have it snap on a pole or with a missed tre-flip? On top of that, is the kicktail.

Some beginners have trouble with navigation. We all do at some point in all of our skateboarding shenanigans and could use a little help while we get the basics down.

Penny Skateboards is one of the best brands on the market with their customer service, order processing, and extremely affordable price options.

Playwheels Skateboards

Playwheels is widely accepted as the top skateboard brand provider for kids and early teens on the market today.

Operating out of Southern California, Playwheels brand has prided themselves for the last five years as being high regarded in terms of customer service, customer loyalty, and quality assurance in regards to their products.

Their products are assembled by hand in their state of the art facility and is handled with extreme care with the customers interest in mind.

Playwheels TMNT Cruiser Skateboard

best skateboard for kids

It goes without saying that this board has been described as the best for kids that is on the market currently.

We know that as parents there is so much to contend with and so many minor details that you need to focus on when buying your childhood an item like this, however, this product is not only durable, but it is very safe as well.

The product has undergone extreme testing and can be backed up by the quality assurance guarantee.

Product Specifications

The skateboard itself is a modest 21 inches long with actual dimensions sitting at 21x6x4.5. The deck itself is 9ply maple wood. The skateboard is very, very lightweight at a mere 1.9lbs making it easy for your child to move it out of the way.

This skateboard brand is recommended for ages 5 years to 10 years old. The skateboard also comes with a kicktail, which makes it easy for your child or grandchild to learn how to navigate the board properly without taking too much focus off of some of the other basics of skateboarding.

The wheels are PVC injected, which means that a thermoplastic is used, and are 50MM x27MM.

The nylon bearings are well developed and can withstand even the very harshest type of conditions. The skateboard supports a weight of up to 100lbs.

Why should I buy this skateboard for my kids?

There are very many unreliable brands on the market today especially in the skateboarding industry.

Getting your child a dependable deck is not going to be easy and you won’t be able to find them at your local department store as those brands tend to be very flimsy and may get your child injured.

The wheels are specifically designed for young riders and would be best suited for ages 5-10 as stated in the product specifications above.

Not every skateboard, especially the wooden skateboards, is as light as this skateboard. You cannot compete with 1.9lbs as most skateboard brands weigh at least twice that and above.

With regards to all of the fantastic features listed above, the product is also very cost effective, and affordable. Gone are the times when you have to spend all of your checking account on just one toy.

On top of that, this product is extremely resilient so the money will be well spent.

Krown Rookie – Best Cheap Skateboard

A well respected division of Canadian built skateboards, Krown has been in the skateboard production game for well over ten years.

Primarily known brand for their high quality longboards, Krown has been a main player in providing custom and quality skateboards that are suitable for all ages.

Primarily developed with maple and bamboo, Krown brand is known for providing excellent customer care, rigid skateboards, and a light but firm board so that the experience is both friendly and prosperous.

The best that Krown offers is the: Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

best cheap skateboard

A high-end, durable skateboard that is developed in the trusted warehouses of Krown that are located in Canada.

Not only is this skateboard top of the line, it is also very cost effective.

We’ve all been to the store with our children and somehow they always seem to choose the highest priced item.


Now, if you’re going to your local skate shop, that can be very costly. Skate shops are known for having the highest prices in the skateboarding industry.

From beginners all the way down to skateboard veterans, we all love a thoroughly reliable deck that is both durable and inexpensive.

Product Specifications:

The deck is bidirectional, which means that you can ride it from either direction while maintaining the same effect and stability.

The deck dimensions are 5×7.5×31 inches. The deck itself is built out of strong Canadian maple wood and has an ability to absorb a deep impact.

The trucks are 5 inches and are built out of heavy duty aluminum. The wheels are aptly sized and are 52MM 98A Urethane. The bearings are what’s known as ABEC5.


The main pro itself is how cost-effective the complete board is in comparison to other boards. The board is a firm 31 inches and contains more than enough give to support a 200+lbs individual.

See, not all boards are actually bidirectional. Most have a thick tail and a small nose but not this board. So if you’re a switch skater then this board brand is perfect for you. The urethane wheels are designed for the high stress environments and provide the top speed available. The deck tape provides the perfect grip even for those of us with older shoes that are essentially smooth on the bottom.

The company offers a multitude of graphics, so you may pick any one of your choosing.

Those are a lot of pros, but still, why should I choose a krown?

The deck itself is developed by a skateboarding company that primarily works in the development of longboards so the durability of the board will be that of a longboard thus making it superior to most of the other decks on the market.

There are many positive reviews corroborating all of the information in this review and the overall quality of their product will speak for itself while you’re hitting a 50-50 down that 7 set you’ve been attempting to gap and because we know of its quality, it is the best cheap skateboard out there according to us.

Finals Thoughts & Considerations

Ahhh, we have finally come to the end of our skateboard brand reviews, and we must say that we hope we have been of assistance to you.

Just to recap, do not sacrifice quality brand for a cheaper price. There’s an old saying and it goes “you get what you pay for”. If you’re a skater like some of us are, then you know that ball bearings and trucks are of the utmost importance.

If you purchase a non-name brand skateboard and version of components then one of two things is going to happen: A. The trucks are going to break either mid-ride or mid-grind and potentially cause you to injure yourself or B.

The deck itself will snap under the pressure of your weight and not only cause a potential injury but also see to it that your money is wasted.

This review covers skateboards for kids, the best for beginners, and the best quality and design skateboard brand that are on the market today. The market today is seemingly flooded with disposable brand with impractical parts that hold it in place just to get it out of the store.

The brand listed above, however, are the best in available for purchase to the public. They are all complete boards coupled with custom bearings, custom trucks, and a few kits even come with custom mini T-tools to assist anyone in on-the-fly repairs or the interchanging of parts.

We would like to mention that all of the facts stated above about the brand are just that, facts, and should be taken into high consideration due to the notion that the information was derived from previous customers.

So not only are all of the positive facts above true but they are from parents and skaters who have already purchased and used these brands.

We wish you the best of luck in buying one of the brands listed above and would recommend that you read the information above before making your purchase.