best travel umbrella

Do you keep getting stuck out in the rains? Want the best travel umbrella for you? This is the place for you then!

We all love the outdoors, I certainly do and nothing spoils the outdoor more then a sudden heavy downpour and it sucks even more when you are not prepared for it.

Now I know some of you might have doubts that if this is a sports website how will I rate an umbrella for someone who needs it for work. To you sir I say that umbrella has one job to do and that is to protect you from the tiny droplets of water falling from above.

It doesn’t matter if you plan to use your umbrella on your way to work, church or want to keep it handy when you go out to watch your kids play.

I mean it sucks really hard though considering we don’t have enough space in our purse or bag for a decent umbrella and who wants to roam around with those giant walking sticks of umbrellas that make you look like from 80s mystery novel and even more that you have to keep reminding yourself to not forget.

This is why when I started researching I had set a certain criteria for selecting the best travel umbrellas out there. You can read all about it with complete reviews below but I know some of you are in a hurry and don’t want to waste your time reading I have also given a quick selection of top travel umbrellas.

Best Travel Umbrella – Quick Selection

If you are in a rush and just want to buy the best according to your needs, I have made a quick selection chart of travel umbrellas that you can get within 5 minutes from Amazon!

The idea was to select the best in our category such as design, built and size. Also I have listed it for budget choices and price value choices. So the list will help everyone who wants to buy a travel umbrella on a budget or for expense purpose.


This selection will help you get the right travel umbrella for you quickly and in every budget but if you want to read more about how to select the best one and complete reviews of each of the umbrellas then carry on.

Right Travel Umbrella – Requirements and Filters

The thing is when I started researching I did not think it would be so tough to find good quality travel umbrellas that won’t give up on you in rains but I was shocked and surprised as to what I found.

The market has been flooded with cheap china made products that are of very bad quality and won’t last you more then a month before breaking into pieces and you having to replace them. So to filter out from the bad and the goods, I set a certain criteria that had to be followed so as to get the right travel umbrella for everyone.


Design doesn’t have to be a big part when it comes to selecting an umbrella but if you can get something unique and fun while walking through the rains what’s the harm right. Plus aren’t we all a little bored of those black umbrellas already?

It doesn’t have to be mind blowingly awesome made by Picasso design but if it’s a lit bit different then it is a good thing.

One of the most important requirement for a travel umbrella was that it should fit easily into your bags and purses. This can only be achieved if it is small in size and compact. A good compact umbrella nowadays can fit in side pockets of your bag and even bottle pockets.

This is why size was a major aspect while selecting so that when it is closed it should fit easily in smallest amount of space. Also just because it has to be small when closed, it didn’t mean that it had to be small when opened too. When opened it has to be large enough to cover you + one person in there with you.

Ofcourse this very important. We want to buy the best travel umbrella out there that we can get and the only way to do that is to make sure the quality of the fabric, rod and handle is good.

Also it has to be built well to sustain itself against storms and heavy winds which most Chinese knockoffs are not able to do.

After I set these criteria I went on to research and find the right travel umbrella that is not only best but also long lasting and budgeted.

Travel Umbrella Reviews

1. EEZ-Y Compact – Best Umbrella for windy storms


The strongest and the best for heavy storms and it does this by allowing the wind to pass through the vents(canopy in the middle) which prevents the umbrella from facing the wind head on and instead with wind continuously passing through it doesn’t collapse on itself.

Other conventional umbrellas when faced with heavy winds collapse because there is no vent for the air to pass through which Eez-Y solves the problem by creating a vent that keeps circulating the air and thus sustains well in heavy winds for long time.


It’s frame is also made with high quality fiber glass and stainless steel which is great because this means it won’t rust or break that easily. Also because of fiber and the fact that you get no rust is very important since most umbrellas become useless because of rust as they cannot be used anymore and eventually end up breaking.


Since it does so well in heavy winds and with it’s fiber glass and stainless steel is sturdy and strong another question to ask is how is the design when using.

The double canopy or the vent gap creates a nice cut in the middle which looks good upclose and from far. The umbrella also comes in various colors that you can choose from according to your liking.

It also comes with a one button push open and close. Which also helps in making it a perfect travel umbrella. It is portable and lightweight and can easily be closed off with it’s one push mechanism and stored in your bag conveniently and quickly.


When closed it is the perfect compact size to have and store in your bag conveniently. It also comes with a cover which you can store your closed umbrella in when you want to store it.

When opened this travel umbrella will keep you well covered and if you decide to bring in another person then you will have to adjust. I would say that at max it can hold one person and half of another person.

The connecting rod is also not very long, I think it is because of the aerodynamic design and the short rod helps it from flipping on itself.


Overall Eez-Y is a very good umbrella for those who live in windy areas and want a quality product that will save them from rain water for a long time.

Since it also comes with a lifetime guarantee and 90 days satisfaction replacement guarantee proves that people are loving the product and using them all the time.

2. REPEL Easy Touch – Water Repellent Fabric For Quick Drying!

The repel umbrella made from 100% polyester is not only the most loved by Amazon users but is also approved by Amazon. This tells you that that the quality you will be receiving will be great.

The company also claims that it is absolutely windproof and indestructible which we will find out if it is true or not in a just a little bit.


Made from 100% polyester it definitely feels good in hand. The fabric is strong and tough and can tough out extreme weathers and conditions.

It also has a 210t Dupont Teflon coated polyester lining which repels water. Overall the quality of the fabric and umbrella is top quality and sturdy and can easily save you in a rough storm.


Design wise it is a normal umbrella with spokes in the end and black cover on the umbrella. The thing is for this umbrella it’s beauty lies in its repel technology.

What is repel technology? Well it is not a technology but the fabric with which it is made of. The repel helps the umbrella stay dry or quickly dry after a rough storm by repelling any water that falls on it.

This is extremely good when you have to run in from outside and the umbrella is all soaking. The repel avoids that keeps the umbrella dry.

There are also no other colors available which can be a bummer if you were hoping to buy in a different color.


Size wise it is compact and small enough to fit easily in your bag and have some space remaining. It is also quick dry, so as soon as your out of shower you can close it, put it in cover and store it in your bag.


Overall this umbrella is unique, verified by Amazon and also stays strong during rough weathers. It also comes with lifetime replacement guarantee so you can buy it with peace of mind and be sure of receiving a quality sturdy product to help you survive the rains.

These are the best travel umbrellas that you can currently get and ofcourse there are more and I will probably add them soon to the list but it is important to remember that eventually what we are looking for is something to keep us dry in those sudden storms and for that we need strong sturdy umbrellas.