building your own skateboard

A skateboard is a sports equipment that you use as a transportation item or for doing kickass fun tricks, while making sure that balance is important when on this equipment. The fun of skateboarding can make your day, and if you practice hard enough, you might be able to do those cool tricks and stunts like how other professional skateboarders do.

Having a skateboard is not a problem because they are quite cheap to buy and you can get started with the basic one, but if you don’t have the money to buy your own skateboard, then it would be best that you start building one yourself.

Honestly it is also not that complicated and one of the major benefits of building your own skateboard is that you can design it according to your own preference and style.

Skateboard Parts

The parts that you will need for the skateboard are;

  • Grip Tape
  • Skateboard Wheels
  • Wheels Bearings
  • Trucks
  • Deck

You have to make sure that you have all of the parts of the skateboard because if you miss one of the parts, then your skateboard wouldn’t be good to use. Each one of the parts has its special function to make the skateboard whole.

The grip tape allows you to stick your feet onto the board so that you wouldn’t slide off the skateboard when you use it. The wheels are the reason why you can move the skateboard. The bearings are the reason why your wheels can spin which makes the wheel and the bearings as important partners. Trucks are the reason why you can tilt or turn your skateboard. Decks are those flat boards where you rest your feet so that you will be able to ride the skateboard. Other things are wood glue, hardware, wood, and tools.

Now that you are clear on the basics of skateboard parts, lets get started.


Try to measure your wood for the normal length of a skateboard with a measuring tape so that you will have the base for your deck.

Besides the deck, you should also measure the grip tape so that it would perfectly fit your deck without any excess or lacking. You can use a pencil to draw on the wood so that you will know how much the measurement will be for both parts and a sharp knife to cut out the excess grip tape.

Be careful when using a knife.


What you do is stick your grip tape to your deck using wood glue so that you wouldn’t slide of your skateboard when you mount on it.

Make sure that the deck and the grip tape are measured properly so that you wouldn’t have a hard time knowing if you have enough grip tape for your deck and that you will place it cleanly.

This is an important step because the grip tape on the deck will allow you to do simple tricks and stunts without sliding you off the board. Make sure that there will be no air bubbles when you place the grip tape onto the deck.

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The next step is to setup wheels, bearings, and trucks. The reason why all the three items are together is that they are connected to one another so that they would be able to help function and complete the skateboard.

In your wheel, there will be a groove where you put your bearings in so that your wheel will be able to spin. You will then place the wheel with the bearings onto the sides of the trucks to complete the step and so that the wheels will be able to be connected with the wheels and allow you to ride your skateboard.

Once you have attached the wheels to bearings it is time to attach them on the trucks and use the skate tool to screw in the nut.

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Step 4

Now that the wheel, bearings, and trucks are in place, you pluck wholes unto the back of your board using a drill or knife so that you can place the truck mountain bolts to connect the board to your wheels and the truck.

Using a skate tool or a wrench to tighten the truck and to ensure that nothing will be loose but don’t make it too tight, or else it will be hard to make any turns or tilts on your skateboard. If you want to have added protection, you can always slide a rise or pads between the deck and the trucks of your skateboard.


Now you have all the items in place, you can check for anything missing or lost parts. If you have seen and judge that everything is alright, then all you have to do is just to try it out.

Once you feel that everything is alright even after you use it, you just need to enjoy yourself witj your new custom made skateboard.

Don’t hesitate to take action if you feel something is wrong so that you wouldn’t get hurt when you use your skateboard.

With these simple steps, you wouldn’t have to worry about finding the money to buy a skateboard because now you can just build one all on your own or if you want you can ask help from your friends and family.

This easy way of building your own skateboard can save you a lot of your money because the parts that you need might just be in your garage and if not then most parts wouldn’t cost you so much money.

So if you want to give your son or daughter or your friend a skateboard without costing you so much money, then you should build them one of your custom made skateboard because at least in that sense it would be more meaningful.

This way as well you get to be creative with the designs of the wheels and the board. So if you have nothing to do in your home then why not try building a skateboard because it is easy and fun.