best disc golf bags

There have been countless times when we have been searching in our disc golf bag for another disc after losing one in a body of water at the beach or a dog randomly catching it and breaking it.

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Buying a new disc golf bag should be a seemingly easy task, but alas that is not always the case, which is why we have selected the best disc golf bags that you must get.

The consistent turn over of disc amount players and different level changes absconding from constant use will make the best disc golf bag to be very beneficial.

New discs are constantly coming out and the marketing for those disc has always been a little, well, misleading. The disc golf bag companies, however, actually have solid & sound marketing strategies to effectively target and honestly relay the features of their bag.

The downside there is having to constantly change which disc bag you bring because not every disc golf bag has enough pockets for the discs.

Being one with your disc or set of similar discs becomes seemingly impossible when you have to keep cycling through multiple bags to find that one disc that you have been looking for, only to find it in bottom of the trunk of your car or lost beneath your gym bag.

There are a group of endlessly useful golf disc bags that have been on the market for some time and are very high in quality. We have broken down and reviewed these bags.

Our Selection of Best Disc Golf Bags And Backpacks With Review In 2017!

Upper Park Designs Disc Golf Bag Shift V5 Extra Light Disc


The Upper Park disc golf Bag has come out with a new, more convenient version of the shift, and disc throwers are raving about it.

Renowned around the disc golf community as “comfortable & compact”, the Shift 5 is making a serious impact in the industry as of late, and we’re going to touch on the features offered.

Having trouble carrying multiple disc golf bags because your current bag only has 8 slots?

Fret no more because the Shift 5 bag currently comes with 16-18 disc storage capabilities with the vertical disc storage option while also maintaining a quick draw mini pocket for those of us who need slide out disc out with the quickness.

Along with that comes not one, but four external stretch-to-fit pockets for your discs. On the side there is also a soft protective pocket for anything that you may need to bring along with you such as a phone, camera, or another electronic to catch those oh-so special, epic disc moments.

The disc bag comes with a built in slot for your beverage as well. The slot itself fits up to a 32 ounce water bottle and is more than accommodating for those hot summer days. Speaking of hot summer days, this disc golf bag is also abrasion resistant with a water proof base and 3 wear resistant feet.

The custom flap access comes with a rainfly (the cord enabling you to carry it). The Shift 5 also comes with a D-ring to slap your towels or tags of your choosing. For cargo, there is also an external bungee.

The shoulder straps are quite comfortable and extremely durable and come with a removable sternum. The 16-18 discs capability pockets can be washed and cleaned and still maintain the light and clean look that many that have purchased the bag seem to desire.

Some Quick Pros!

  • There is vast amount of storage in this disc golf bag. In addition to the many storage compartments, there is also a water bottle pocket.
  • Very thick material and high quality design. The rainfly makes it easier to carry around your disc thus making it more durable during those long camping trips or beach days. The D-ring enables you to carry a towel or anything else that may fit on it.
  • This is definitely worth buying if you’re one of us who have heavy storage needs while out throwing disc. Our top choice for best disc golf bags.

Dynamic Disc Commander Backpack Disc Golf Bag


This bag is loaded with positive and useful features and is recognized in the golf disc industry as having one of the largest amount of storage available.

Let’s get right into the good stuff here. The Dynamic Disc Golf Backpack comes with two full-length pockets that run along each side of the backpack.

The height on those is 18 inches, which means that in theory you could fit half of your arm in one of these pockets. A water bottle holder is on the outside of each of the full-length side pockets. The pockets themselves are about two inches wide and will hold a few towels or bunch of rags without an issue.

The storage capacity in this disc golf bag really is the main feature with being able to hold up to 22 discs with ease. The main storage flap fold back behind the disc and if you need quicker access to your disc it can be folded another way.

In an area that is above the main section are four pockets that you can store a few putters in. The backpack also comes with a good center gravity meaning that the majority of the weight (even when fully packed) is in the center. So, even if you try to knock it over, the backpack will generally just wobble back to standing upright.

On the bottom of the Commander bag, there are 4 plastic, water resistant legs that keep your backpack safe and dry. The bottom of the bag is also equipped with 2 inches of water resistant material to ensure that your bag stays dry and even it the bottom sees a small rush of water, it will still remain dry.

Dynamic Disc also provides a workmanship and normal use warranty.

Some Quick Pros!

  • With the very large amount of storage space comes the ease of access to your disc for a quick pullout.
  • The backpack comes with two water storage areas, which is double the amount of any other backpack.
  • The disc bag carries more than 20 discs at one time while being able to carry two water bottles and four additional putters.
  • The bottom of the bag is water resistant and comes with four plastic legs on the bottom that also help prevent again water damage.
  • The normal use & workmanship warrant will cover any component defects or special circumstances caused by the manufacturer. You really can’t go wrong by purchasing this disc golf backpack, and for a good price it is more than worth the money.

FITACTIC Luxury Frisbee Disc Golf Bag Backpack

For the on-the-go disc thrower, this bag comes action packed with goodies and with many, many pockets that can accommodate even the most over-prepared of us.

The material that the bag is made out of is a swift, very durable nylon fabric can hold 30-50lbs of pressure.

The fabric is more commonly known as 600D Nylon fabric. This bag is able to hold in between 25-30 discs depending on how big or wide the disc may be. If you have standard sized disc then this backpack can hold up to 30 discs.

The bag has 11 pockets and even a special compartment for electronics and other sensitive valuables. The bag is 15x9x20 and has two removable disc compartments. The four straps on the side make for easy, comfortable movement.

The two holders on the sides can be used for two water bottles that are up to 24 ounces in capacity. Two of the pockets click & lock right into place which make for a safe carrying case for almost any disc or electronic that you may be taking on your trip in your bag.

The bottom of the backpack has a few protective rubber pads that help guard the bag from an unexpected damage or misuse. The bottom has extended support and strength to support the weight of disc and that you put in it as well.

This disc golf bag comes with a free rain protection cover and a free phone/cigarette carrier bag on the shoulder strap for convenience.

Some Quick Pros!

  • The storage rich Fitactic Backpack comes with 11 pockets that enable you to carry up to 30 discs. The bag also comes with a storage compartment that is made for you to store sensitive electronics.
  • Coupled with the amazing storage space is a cell phone/cigarette carrying bag. The bag can support a vast amount of weight for its size, which is up to 50lbs. The pads on the bottom are protective and help guard against unwanted damage. The two drink holders hold up to 24 ounces of fluid each. The company also offers a 1 year limited time warranty that covers normal use and workmanship.
  • This bag is one of the more cost-effective options and for the amount of money being charged, it will pay for itself multiple times over on its first use.


Latitude 64 Golf Disc DG Luxury E3 Backpack Disc Golf Bag

An upgraded version of the last backpack from Latitude 64, this covers a wide range of customer suggestions that are more than guaranteed to make your outing easy and fun.

Firstly, this bag comes with new, premium zipper options that are so high in quality they can take even the highest amount of torque used when in the moment.


The side and bottom plate are also both reinforced. The top has a functional, removeable top so that you can protect your disc while also having quick access to them while on-the-go. The design is of the highest quality and is made from quality nylon and artificial leather. The design is truly a work of art and contains multiple embroidered logos.

The bag can carry 20 discs if you are carrying other essentials such as a cellphone, water or other beverages, ropes & place mats, but can store up to 30 discs if all of the compartments are used for storing disc.

The water bottle pocket is hosted on the side of the backpack along with the putter pockets. There is an umbrella holder, so that if it’s raining and you’re on-the-go, you can host your umbrella in the pocket without having to hold it.

The bag comes with a free plastic ran cover for extra protection from any weather ailments that may plague you. The disc golf bag comes with an easy opening that has an attachment for an elastic band.

The water bottle holder can hold up to a 32 ounce water bottle and has the ability to hold stools. The straps are also very comfortable and durable equipped with padding. The center and bottom of the backpack hold the majority of the right, helping it stand up right if it is accidentally bumped into.

Some Quick Pros!

  • This is one of the best disc golf bag and has the storage capacity to carry up to 20 discs if you use all pockets for disc. The water bottle holder carries a 32 ounce water bottle.
  • The zippers that are on the sides of the bag are of the highest quality and can handle significant pressure.
  • There is an umbrella holder, a stool holder, an strong, durable nylon & artificial leather. The plastic rain cover helps to protect your disc golf bag and the contents of your bag from rain or any spills that may occur.

Final Thoughts

Given the fact that all of the best disc golf bags listed above are very cost-effective and full of storage, they are without a doubt of the highest quality possible backpack bags that the disc golf industry has to offer.

The smallest amount offered by any disc golf bag that’s worth its salt is a carrying capacity of up to 20 discs and all of the bags listed here carry a minimum of that amount. We have done the due diligence for you here and hope that you have found the best disc golf bag that you were looking for! Happy discing!