It doesn’t matter who you are, you are going to fall and without good safety precautions you will fall hard and might end up doing permanent damage to your head. Which is why as a safety precaution it is a good idea to have the best skateboard helmets with you.

Even though you might feel skateboarding without a helmet is cool, trust me when researching I found a lot of injury stories that can bring a whole new perspective.

Harsh reality is that skateboarding injuries are real and can be very serious. Which is why it is important to have a good quality skateboarding helmet with you that you would like to wear.

Most parks require that you wear protective gear when you are there which is a good initiative but as a skater even when you are not in a park you should be wearing a helmet and other protective gear while skateboarding.

Better be safe then sorry.

Selecting a skateboarding helmet

Rather then just picking out a helmet from all the choices there are certain things that you have to be aware of when it comes to skateboarding helmets.

When buying a skateboarding helmet your number one priority has to be size and fit. I know you want the cool looking one but that is not right. Infact the most cool looking one should be the last priority.

After size and fit, you have to consider the material it is made of. Skateboarding helmets come in various materials such as ABS plastic, carbon fiber and composites. Each have different price ranges and safety rating.
The material also determines the quality and the weight of the helmet. But if you have to pick between the material or the right size, always go for the size.

Now comes the design, and yes there are lot of cool helmets out there which are also quite cheap but that doesn’t mean that you should get them. Just because they look good doesn’t mean if they will protect your head correctly during a fall or even lower the shock amount your head will be receiving.

The good news is that there are lots of well known brands out there who produce some amazing helmets with good quality material, size and design so you never have to make the sacrifice.

Now you can skateboard in style without sacrificing on safety.

Skateboard helmets for different experience levels

If you are out shopping for helmets it might be your intuition to just get the cheapest one if you think they all are suppose to do the same thing but that is far from reality.

Different skateboarding experience requires different kind of helmets and it is important for your safety that you get the best one according to what level you are on.

If you are a newbie or a beginner then buying a single impact helmet might be sufficient because you will not be doing any of those advanced tricks and will usually ride at slow speeds doing basic tricks.

If you are a experienced skater and plan on doing advanced tricks at high speeds you will need a helmet that is also more advanced and get yourself a multi impact helmet.

Best skateboard helmets with reviews

S-ONE Lifer CPSC – Multiple Impact

S-one lifer CPSC is one of the most well known, trusted helmets out there in skateboarding world. If you are looking for a multiple impact helmet that will bear the rough falls then this is the helmet to go for.

It is also a winner of G test and when tested against 2 other helmets it came out as a clear winner.

Here check it out:

If that doesn’t help you make the choice then I don’t know what will. It is not that expensive and when it comes to design it is actually quite slick looking so you won’t have a problem wearing it when skateboarding.

Apart from that if you check there amazon page you can see multiple reviews by customers whose heads were saved by this very helmet.

So if you want a quick decision and want to get something S-One helmets are the best skateboard helmets to get.

Graffiti Helmets – Unleash Your Creative Side

Are you tired of same old boring designs? Wish you could draw or design your own helmet? Well now you can. With Graffiti helmets you get 5 markers and a cleaning solution to draw your own designs again and again as many times as you want on the blank skateboard.

They have 2 line of products right now, Aggressive and Classic. Aggressive style helmets are built like old bike helmets and classic series are built like traditional skateboarding helmets.

Helmet protects well against crashes but definitely does not work as well as the others. It can be a great helmet for kids and beginner adults who want to add there own creativity and ride with there own design.

Kids specially will love it since they can pretty much draw on it again and again. The entire kit comes with 5 markers and a cleaning solution with which you can clean out the entire helmet and draw on it again.

The designs created by the markers are also smudge, scratch and water proof so unless you use the cleaning solution your designs will be there forever.

Some users have said that they have got the sizing wrong so before you purchase, make sure to use our sizing guide to pick the right size for your or your kids heads.

This helmet is great for kids who don’t like to wear helmets because they are boring or impersonal. These helmets enables kids to explore there creativity and design something that not only they love but will also wear proudly.

And if they love the helmet that they are wearing they will be safe and thats the best thing!

Price wise you might be wondering that it will be expensive but it is surprisingly cheap and well in the budget for regular helmets.

All in all this helmet is great for kids and adults too but mostly for kids as this helmet cannot take too much damage. So if you are a beginner or buying for a kid then this helmet is definitely to get.

Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet

Do you sweat a lot? Have to buy new helmets consistently cause of sweat and smell? Then worry not because triple 8 brainsaver will be the last helmet that you will have to get to solve this problem.

Triple 8 has a long line of skateboarding helmets to tackle every helmet requirement and this helmet is made for those who sweat a lot.

It is made with ABS outer shell with sweat saver liner for interior. The sweat saver liner is made of anti bacterial fabric that keeps it from collecting bacteria and causing stink. The liner is made of moisture wicking layer that repents sweat and with anti bacterial properties keeps the stink away.

Other then that it is also multi impact, certified and comes with adjustable bands. There aren’t many design options available in this category but if you look into all the other products by triple 8 they are surely to have something for you.