It can be quite tough to get started doing skateboarding tricks when you have no background in skateboarding whatsoever. We all want to do awesome tricks, impress people with out skills but those skills have to be learnt and with Youtube it has never been easier to do so.

There are so many videos and channels online that we wish we could list them all but that would mean too information going to head which is why we have selected the top 5 channels that you can follow and get better at skateboarding quickly and easily.

Before you start getting into tricks make sure that you have a good skateboard and new specific type of wheels for tricks. Also it is important and quite obvious that you know how to do basic stuff such as riding the skateboard easily.

Braille Skateboarding

If you have ever googled skateboarding tutorials then you have definetly come across this youtube channel. Rightfully so, they post amazing tutorials and videos that show you how to do awesome skateboarding tricks in a step by step manner easily and quickly.

With over 2m subscribers if you want to get into awesome skateboarding tricks then this is the channel that you have to check out and follow.

Some of there best tutorials include, how to kickflip and how to ollie. The tutorials might feel a bit short but they pack ton of information from a professional skateboarder that you can learn from.

Apart from tutorial videos he also makes awesome videos on custom skateboards. He basically puts together a new skateboard out of different materials and then skates on them to show how much fun it is.

Some of these awesome fun custom skateboards include, a ipad skateboard, a lego skateboard and even a bed of nails skateboard which will surely make you uncomfortable.

If those fun custom videos were not enough he also turns objects like door, glass and even a magnetic skateboard.

Nollie Skateboarding

This channel has not been updated since a year but when it was being updated it had one of the best production value along with wide variety of tutorials in a lot of tricks that you could learn.

Nollie covers everything from basic tutorials like ollie to some advanced tricks like 360 shove.

The entire channel is filled with some awesome videos that you must check out if you plan on learning new and awesome tricks.

Aparts from tricks they also have a small series about different skateboard gear and what you should know about it. Including decks and trucks.

Ride Channel

The ride channel is a big collaboration between lot of skateboarding videos, tutorials and etc. They are definetly a big channel with lots of videos that you can check out.

When it comes to tutorials they definetly don’t have too many but what they do have is a lot of videos of other skaters attempting some awesome stuff.

Once you have learnt all the basic stuffs and are practicing it is always a good idea to check out videos of others doing the same and compare what is it that they are doing better and try to replicate it with your own style.

Ride channel is amazing for that as you can sit back, enjoy some snacks and watch some great videos of people doing amazing stuff with there skateboards.

Some of there most popular videos include tony hawk attempting a spiral loop, skateboarder who backflips down 6 stairs, and a collaborative video of top skateboarders like Tony Hawk and Steve Caballero attempting some insane stuff.

If you are interested in 360 loop skateboarding videos then you are going to love this channel as it has Tony hawk attempting them again and again a lot of times! This is Tony Hawk attempting it in 2008.

Now ofcourse the point of the post is channels with tutorials videos and well they have those too and with amazing production value so it is easier to learn and attempt. Some of these tutorials include a skateboarding 101, how to build a skateboard, doing a 360 flip and much more.


If you are in mood for some vlog kind tutorials and fun videos to watch around skateboarding then this is channel to watch.

Andrew vlogs some funny videos, challenges, some new tricks and a lot of attempts while trying those new tricks and they sometimes work and sometimes don’t.

It is good to watch him attempt though cause you learn from the videos and see what he is doing and he makes them fun so you are not bored and having fun while you are watching it.

Some of his most popular videos are with his kid just having fun which will definetly make you go aww. Specially this one where his son attempts his first skateboard trick.


Last but not the least, VLskate channel is perfect for any beginner to get started with as they routinely put out videos and listicles like 10 easy tricks to get started.

As usual the production is super amazing and information is provided in a fun and active manner that you can easily follow through with.

Some of there tutorials include frontside 180, inward heelflip and hospital flip. They also have good lists that you can check out if you want to know awesome tricks to do quickly like 10 easy mini ramp tricks.