7 Best Complete Skateboards To Get For Beginners (2017!)

Do you want to get into the sport of skateboarding and not sure which board to start with?

Countless options, parts and upgrades when all you want to do is just get one and start. Or maybe you are buying for your kid who is showing interest.

Since we want to help as many people as possible to get started in fun sports we have compiled a complete list of beginner skateboards that you can get.

An awesome complete skateboard to get started?

If you are in a rush or just want to pick something that is worthy and trendy and will survive all those learning mistakes?

Penny Skateboard is the one that you have to get!

Couple of reasons why we suggest it:

  1. Trendy.. Penny boards are the new style and they are taking over the market with it. While they look simple they are good looking enough that the new person will love carrying it around.
  2. Lightweight.. They are lightweight and sturdy.
  3. Well priced..

Best Complete Skateboard For Beginners With Reviews

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Powell has been a well known brand for a long time, they are loved and trusted by many skateboarders and rightfully so. They have been producing good products for a long time now and they have done it consistently.

Talking about the golden dragon skateboard, it is a simple skateboard with regular parts. The board is designed very well and in a very attractive manner whereas the parts are simple, and regular that are enough for a beginner.

It is 7.62 inches wide and 31 inches long, built with custom grip tape and dragon design at the bottom. The wheels though tough and small are perfect for parks or smooth surfaces to get started in.

If you are looking for a trusted board in an extremely budget price then it is to go for.


  • Budget option
  • Looks and feels good
  • Built well for beginners
  • Perfect choice for kids

  • Tires are too tough for rough roads

Rimable Complete 22″ Skateboard

If you are looking for something that you can ride around in your school or college then this Rimable board is perfect for you. Although it is a simpler version of a penny board it is still a high quality and value for money product that you can get for yourself.

It is obviously a cruiser skateboard that we discussed above but it is made of premium parts like thick trucks along with quality PU wheels paired with Abec-7 bearings for a smooth long ride.

All in all the entire package is a great skateboard for beginners in a really good price to get for yourself or for someone who is going off to college.


  • Right price for the product.
  • Quality starter cruiser board.
  • Complete with premium parts.
  • Perfect for school/college students.

Krown Intro Skateboard

Krown again is a very known and loved brand in skateboarding community and so it is interesting that they have a very specific best cheap skateboard for beginners.

Krown intro skateboard is built with basic parts and deck to keep the price low but still be able to provide enough quality that more and more people want to get into it.

It is also very basic with nothing flashy but also has a basic deck design that can be quite attractive.


  • Budget friendly
  • Basic board to get started
  • Quality brand

OneHype – Pro Complete Skateboard Designer Board

If you are into the design of the skateboard and yet want something that cheap then onehype designer board is the best to go for.

It is 8inch maple deck board with regular parts along with abec 7 bearings. They also come in many designs that you can check out on there amazon page. Each board has a unique design to go for and get.

They are best as gifts to give simple because of there quality and design.


  • Well designed
  • Budget friendly
  • Good reviews

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

If you are looking for a basic skateboard that is best in price then KPC Pro is to go for. It is simple, sustainable and cheap.

Design wise there is not much to discuss, same goes for the parts they are quite regular but with a decent deck design it can be a good beginner skateboard.

Penny Original Complete Skateboard

Now if you are willing to spend some money to buy a quality cruiser skateboard then penny skateboards are the best to get.

Penny boards are well renowned in the industry for there quality and durability along with there amazing customer service.

Just to be clear they are cruiser boards so the design and quality is made for that. For example they are made of high durable plastic 22inch in size.

They also come with premium parts that are built in house such as penny wheels and 4 inch penny trucks.

They are extremely smooth for streets and outdoor riding. So if you don’t have a park nearby or want something to ride in college or on the streets, Penny boards are the best to get.


  • Premium quality boards
  • Premium inhouse built skateboard parts
  • Smooth on streets and sidewalks
  • Good for outdoors

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Sk8 Powerply Complete Skateboard

Do you live near a surfing area? Want something that represents the surfer in you? Then santa cruz board is to get.

It is concave built for every kind of riding including tricks, parks and streets. Utilizing the special design is perfect for beginners because they can get this one boards and ride accordingly there mood rather then being bound by the board.

It also comes with road rider wheels along in a 27.7 x 8.8 inch deck.

A complete skateboard that is the best to get.

Now that we are clear on all the good ones that you can get but still confused? Maybe you are not sure of which one is good for you? or maybe which one will be right?

What To Look For In Skateboards

Before we jump into the list, we want to point out some basic stuff that you should be aware of when buying a new skateboard. It is this criteria that we have used to help you select the beginner boards below.

Do you want to assemble it?

Did you know you can actually assemble your skateboard as compared to buying it as a whole?

Yes and it is quite easy too. Initially it will be great if you have basic handymen tools lying around that you can use and get started otherwise you will be better off buying a complete skateboard.

Best skateboard for beginners can be quite simple and just enough to get you started, we have published an entire guide on how to assemble a skateboard here.

Since this list is about selecting the right skateboard for beginner lets get started.

Comparison between assembling vs buying a whole skateboard

Assembling a skateboard is something more serious and pros skateboarders do because they are looking for exactly what they need and build there board accordingly.

If you are a beginner and are not sure about different parts in a skateboard it is better to stick to with a beginner skateboard and just get started rather then having to research through pages for appropriate parts only to not have it work as well.

This is where a whole skateboard really takes the advantage as you can order a quality tested product for quite cheap and get started without any hassles or expensive gear requirements.

Also if you are worried that in future you will have to rely on these basic boards then don’t worry because there are many top brands that you can choose from which provide quality boards in a budget competitive price.

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Skateboard For Beginners

Do you want a cruiser, skateboard or a longboard?

Now if you are buying this for yourself you probably already know this and must have already researched into it, if you haven’t read on. If you are buying this for someone it is important to know what kind of riding are they planning to do.

Those are three distinctive styles and require different board for each purpose. While the normal skateboards are curved, longboards are larger and weirdly shaped while cruisers are quite small.

Cruiser: Do you or the person you are buying for likes to cruise around the neighborhood and just want something to travel and are quite young for a longboard? That is when cruisers come into play, they are small, sturdy and built for rough street usage.

Longboards: I am sure you must have seen videos of large boards going downhill or travelling at high speeds. Those are longboards and they require a bit of experience to get started on.

Beginner skateboards: They are best for a beginner getting started, they come in different sizes to cover all the age groups and can be quite cheap. They are great for getting started and learning how to ride.

When Buying A Complete Board

Price: Price can be a issue and important for a lot of people. In essence good brands produce skateboards with top parts that can go upto $100 whereas simple boards by top brands can costs in between of $50-$100. A simple option to go for are blanks, they have no branding which is why they are cheaper, quality can be iffy though.

Size: When selecting a skateboard for beginner it is important to look for somewhere in 7.5 – 7.75 in width. This is a basic standard size that lots of companies produce and can fit all age skateboarders well. If you want to dig deep you can also look into height in between of 31-34′. Height should not considered much as the standard shape of skateboard apart from the height is quite similar. Getting started is what counts and that’s why it is no point obsessing over height of a skateboard.