How To Choose The Right Disc Golf Putter + Basic Tips

The most important part of disc golf is the end where you must put your disc. The problem is beginners don’t usually know the type of put they should use or have in there bag to get the best finish.

Don’t worry though by the end of this you will know how to choose the right putter for you and finish the game perfectly.

Disc Golf: Putter Basic Tips

First of all if you are a beginner and not sure which disc to get you can check out our selections of best disc golf putters.


disc golf putting stanceNow when you are putting you have to remember that you are not going for distance or speed what you have to focus on is accuracy.

A lot of beginners make the mistake of throwing their put way to hard which offsets the disc and makes for a bad aim.

To get a good aim while putting you don’t want to stand in the driving position. You know how when you are swinging for a drive and you put your body in a 90 degree position and have a swing at it. That’s what we are not going to do.

Instead you want your body, legs and hands facing the net and throwing the disc less from your hand and more from your body.

Use your body’s momentum to thrust the disc straight forward and into the net. What this helps with is that you are not adding any extra motion to the disc than it needs. All you are doing is pushing the put from your hands and into the net.

Now that we have explained the body language to use let’s look into our minds when we are putting.


A lot of players when playing disc golf complain that while putting the horror of missing gets into there head and they end up releasing either too early or too later.

This bad though because well if its misses the basket it is going to put even more pressure on you and push you down the rabbit hole.

Instead what you want to do is take a deep breath, focus on your stance and throw the disc at the right time. Do not worry if or not it will go in, just know that if you do it correctly it will most probably go in and if you worry about and get nervous you are going to miss your shot.

This is why in all professional sports you will see athletes taking a deep breath, it is not get oxygen in there body if that’s what you think. It is to focus on the task at hand.

Next time you are at the finish line and are worried that you might miss, just take a second, correct your stance, take a deep breath and throw the put.

If you throw with correct form at right timing it will go in. Remember while putting the key is in right form and timed throw. That’s it!

Selecting your putter

Every new player out there and even those who have been playing for a while are plagued with the question what putter should they use.

They look at pros and try to copy them but it just doesn’t work the way. Then they ask friends and try there discs and sometimes they find the perfect one and sometimes not.

The key thing to remember when selecting a putter is that it has to be to your liking and taste. It has to feel good in your hand, you should feel comfortable with the weight and you should know how it is going to fly and land.

There is no one perfect putter and as you play more and more you will learn that there are far more options than you can try which is why you have to start narrowing down the list as fast as possible.

Finding your perfect putter the fastest

You can do this by taking a bunch of discs to your course, going to the end and trying them out.

Start noticing on which ones feel good in your hand first, then start noticing which one can you fit your fingers well in and then start focusing on the drive.

At every step discard the disc that you are not feeling comfortable with and then move on to trying another disc.

This helps you get to know the type of putter you like, whether it is the texture of the surface or the build plastic and start becoming perfect with it.

The entire process might look easy but it is not, it will take you a few tries and actual game plays to get through the discs correctly but it will help you get better faster and understanding the putting technique much easier.

A lot of time while holding a certain disc might feel great, in drive it will outright suck or will not be suited to your style. In that case find a different disc of that build and surface but of a different company.

Then try that and see if you like that discs drive. This is the method. As I mentioned it will take you a few tries but eventually you will land with a disc that you like and want to use again and again.

Another benefit of this is you will learn and everything about your disc, from finger positions , to stance to power needed to the drive. Eventually overtime you will end up mastering the throw and mastering your putting technique.

So if you are looking for a short answer to know which disc golf putter to go for then I will say there is no short answer. I have listed the best one I know for beginners but as you grow in your game you will develop your taste and get what you feel is the best for you.

These were my putting basic tips that I hope help you out in your next game and help achieve the lowest score to win the game.