mid range disc golf game

Just like in golf games that use clubs, disc golf requires players switch around the types of discs they are using. Long range discs, such as drivers, are used for the long game. Disc range drivers can often reach farther lengths when compared to mid-range or even short range discs.

Subsequently, discs used for the short game are called putting discs. This is because the distance around greens is much shorter when compared to the fairway. Discs that is for the short game are usually smaller and have a shorter throw range, and discs for the long game are much bigger and have a longer range. But there is a mid point between the putting and driver discs.

These discs are called mid-range discs, they do not have the throw distance of disc range drivers, but they do have more accuracy.

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Mid-range discs are the kinds of discs that are in-between of putting and driving discs. These kinds of discs can be used for both the short and long game. They can be used in putting throws and even for some short length drive throws. If a player needs more control and tight aiming in a throw, they can select mid-range discs for that throw to get around it.

For a wide spectrum of players, from beginners to hardened professionals, mid-range discs are their discs of choice.

The mid-range game

The mid-range game is often the part of any hole that players will be throwing the most discs. That is why it is important that the mid-range game should not be overlooked.

To truly be a better player at disc golf, players must focus all aspects of the game, and this includes learning to throw mid-range discs for the mid-game. There are fine techniques that make throwing mid-range discs much more different than throwing a disc range driver.

Just because players can throw accurate and long distance disc range drivers, that does not mean those same players can throw well using mid-range discs. It takes more practice with specific mid-range discs, to effectively use them in disc golf.

The mid-range disc

Since many disc golf players will be throwing mid-range discs for most of the disc golf game, it is important for them to select the right kind of mid-range disc. Mid-range discs are quite flexible, and many players can use them for different kinds of throws.

Players have used them on fairway throws, green approach throws, and sometimes even for drive throws too. This makes mid-range discs extremely versatile discs that are the favorite and most used discs of most players. There are numerous kinds of mid-range discs that are being manufactured at the moment by different companies.

Players should shop around for one to buy which is suitable for them. Buying the right kind of mid-range discs can do wonders for improving your mid-range and overall disc golf game.

While it is without a doubt, a player’s skill in throwing a disc that will determine whether they win or not, a good mid-range disc suitable to the player can be a huge factor too.

If a player uses a mid-range disc that does not mesh well with their skill set or preference, then they will suffer badly in their golf disc game.

Tips for improving mid-range game:

  1. Find a comfortable stance for a throw; players should have a nice footing and the proper position. The secret to throwing a mid-range disc is finding a routine to throw the disc properly. This involves practicing a lot of throws with the mid-range. A player must find a position of their stance that they find comfortable. Finding a comfortable throwing stance could vastly improve the mid-range disc throw.
  2. Think of throwing mid-range discs like throwing a putting disc. There may be more power involved in the throw, but control is a more important factor. More care should be taken in when throwing a mid-range disc. This is because mid-range discs offer more control but can still be thrown at quite a distance.
  3. Aim carefully with a mid-range disc. Mid-range discs still have a lot of distance covering power, so a misaligned shot can go way off the target. Care must be taken into consideration when throwing a mid-range disc. This means that players must take things slowly and not rush any shots. Not aiming and throwing carefully can ruin your mid-range disc throw and cost you one or two more throws.
  4. Throw the disc in a low angle and a straight line. Throwing a mid-range disc in a low angle allows the disc to fly with more power, which will result in a longer distance. A disc with more power also has a chance of going over obstacles, such as water hazards. A mid-range disc should also be thrown in a straight line, to maximize its range. Throwing a disc in a straight line also decreases it chance of veering off in the wrong direction.
  5. During the run-up, keep your motion fluid. A mid-range disc is usually located on the flat fairway, which allows for a lot of even ground to perform a run-up. This will allow players to have an unobstructed run up that should be fluid. Instead of stopping abruptly during a run up to the throw, players should gradually slow down. This puts more power into throws but keeps them steady too.
  6. Practice a lot with your mid-range disc throw. Each player will have unique styles of throwing that cannot be accounted for. Therefore players must try and adapt their own mid-range disc throw to their own throwing preferences. Differences in throwing preferences could include the grip or even the arm positioning. Practice will help players gradually improve their mid-range throws.