Disc Golf players often have common problems with their game. These common problems can easily be fixed if the tips given in this article are taken into account during a game of disc golf.

Some experienced golf players may find as they play disc golf, they continually make these kinds of common mistakes. These players are not alone, both beginners and more experienced players will find themselves making these mistakes.

If players want to improve their game of disc golf, then they should read through this article to check and see whether or not they are making these common mistakes during their game and while throwing their discs.

7 Mistakes You Can Make In Disc Golf And How To Avoid Them

Mistake 1: Overly tight grip

A firm grip on the disc is always a good thing. But a grip that is too tight can cause a throw to be bad. Checking the grip on the disc is a good way to start an assessment of a throw. If the grip is too tight, the wrist of the thrower may become too tense. The wrist while throwing a disc should always be relaxed. Having a grip that is too tense can cause the throw of a disc to be off.

Testing a grip for tightness is necessary for improving a player’s throw. To have a comfortable grip, a player should comfortably hold a disc without it easily falling out their grasp or being easily pulled out of their hand.

Mistake 2: Power over Accuracy

Many disc golf player sacrifices accuracy for power. They think that throwing a disc far enough could compensate for not throwing it in the right direction. Players should always choose to throw at the proper location of the fairway.

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Accuracy always beats the distance that a disc can be thrown. Accuracy is always an important factor in disc golf, more so than in traditional golf.

During driving, players should not sacrifice accuracy for more power. While more powerful throws can go farther and nearer to the green, more controlled throws are preferable.

Mistake 3: Improper Angle Aim of Throw

Golf disc players often aim their throws at a wrong angle. Angle the disc right as it is thrown to optimize the distance and landing point. The disc angle will determine whether or not it will successfully land in the area it was thrown at.

If a disc is angled wrong, it may not even hit the target point of where it was aimed at. Throwing a disc with the proper angle can help immensely where accuracy is concerned. The higher the angle the disc is thrown at, the higher the chance the disc will fly shorter distances. While low angled throws can make the disc go a little farther through skids off the ground of the fairway.

Mistake 4: Attempting to throw farther than practical

Some disc golf players try and throw above or across hazards, such as lakes and trees. It is not always worth it to throw beyond those kinds of obstacles. If there are any trees or obstructions in the way, the disc should be thrown around them. If there is an attempt to throw at those kinds of obstacles, there is a chance that the golf disc may get stuck and lose distance.

Not to mention the fact that if a disc gets stuck during on an incline, it will be harder for you to throw it from there, because of the uneven footing. Also, as they attempt to throw farther than they can, they will put more power in their throws which make their shots become aimed poorly.

Mistake 5: Inefficient Throw Motion

Many golf disc players often do not optimize the movement of their arms when throwing a disc. Players should try and lead their throws, using their elbows. Commonly, players will try to lead their throws with their hands. But the elbow should be the first part of the arm that is leading the throw.

This kind of throw creates more speed during the throw itself because the wrist will snap forward when the arm has completed the arc of its throw. If players want to maximize the motion of their throws, then they should check their elbow position during a throw.

Mistake 6: Faster running before making a throw

It seems that some players will perform a fast run up before they throw and release their golf disc. But this is a mistake. Most of the power of a disc throw does not come from the legs, but the power of the movement of the hips and shoulders.

Players, who are concerned with more efficient methods of throwing, should avoid performing exhaustively impractical run ups before a throw. Instead, they should focus more on improving the motion their hips and shoulders when throwing.

Mistake 7: Tense Throws

When throwing the disc, players should have a relaxed arm. A relaxed arm, while throwing, creates a much smoother throw. A smoother throw is better for the player because this makes the follow through easier to finish. Plus, a smoother and more relaxed throw could improve the distance at which the disc is thrown at. Disc Golf players should practice their throws and make sure that they are not too tense before they throw their disc.

Even if more experienced players of disc golf commit these common mistakes. And it may be for some disc golf players, who have been playing the game for a long time themselves, to keep on doing the same mistakes because that is how they have played the game for quite some time already. But there is no need to worry if they have already gotten used to committing mistakes, such as a tight grip or not leading a throw with the elbow.

If you have caught your mistake, it is quite easy to fix it once you have become aware of it. Check the mistakes that are being made during a throw and keep working at disc throw and golf game, pretty soon these mistakes will be fixed and a better game of disc golf can be played.