A skateboard is a type of sports equipment that you may have seen in modern society, everywhere on tv shows and on the roads. The skateboard is, after all, a sports equipment that lets you travel easier and faster, and it is easier to put in big bags or your car and also it is very portable.

The design of a skateboard has a flat Maplewood board connected with four wheels on it, two at the front and two and the back, the same places where you would see a car wheel.

Normally, only one person can ride on it because of its size but you can often see that on longboards there will be two people on it. Just know that it takes a lot of practice to be able to do that.

How you ride it is you put your right foot on the flat surface of the board while balancing and let the other foot push until you have the speed that can allow you to put both feet on the board, balance is important when using the skateboard.

A good way to become better on boards is to know about different parts of it and what they do. Specially when you start building your own skateboard, it will be good to know about each of the part.

There are different parts of the skateboard namely; grip tape, wheels, bearings, trucks, and deck. Each one of the parts have their own function and are important for creating the skateboard, making it whole and functional.

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Different Parts of a Skateboard

Grip Tape

You may not have heard of this, it is the least required part but there is a add on of a skateboard called grip tape.

A grip tape is a reason why you can perform any tricks or stunts because it allows your feet to stick on the flat and smooth surface of the board by providing grip and thus allowing you to make tricks and stunts.

Without a grip tape, you wouldn’t be able to stand firm on the flat surface of the skateboard while going at high speeds or perform any tricks or stunts with it. Your feet can just easily slide off when you are riding the skateboard. It will also be dangerous because you will be opening yourself to danger. That is why the grape tape is one of the important parts of the skateboard because it will allow you to use the skateboard and do the tricks without much problem.

Skateboard Wheels

The part that allows you to roll the skateboard for forwards are the wheels. They come in different elements from soft, hard, small and others and the shape of the wheel makes a difference on how you feel the skateboard and how it rides.

You can also have wheels with different designs and colors to add more art to your skateboard. The type of wheels and your strength to push, you can go either fast or slow with your board and with the wheel you can roll from one area to the next area with a much faster pace than walking.

Without the wheels, the skateboard wouldn’t be able to function right (obviously!) but without the right type of skateboard wheels you won’t get the experience that you are looking for. Also make sure to take care of your wheels so that you wouldn’t have a problem when riding it on the street or anywhere else.

Wheel Bearings

The bearings are like the partner of the wheel because it allows the wheels to spin. There are two bearings in each wheel so that your wheel can spin freely.

Basically if the wheels in your skateboard are not spinning properly or smoothly then there is something wrong with the bearing.

Without the bearings, your skateboard will only look like a skateboard but will not function as a real skateboard.  Good bearings can make the skateboard roll well and the bearings tend to take so much abuse since they are the reason why the wheels are spinning so make sure to get a good set. To enjoy using your skateboard, make sure you have excellent bearings.


The next part of the skateboard is called the trucks. Not those big heavy duty cars but rather the metal axle that you use to mount the wheels to.

The truck consists of a baseplate, axle, kingpin and bushing hold and with it all together it will allow the axle to tilt for turning.

The truck can either be tightened or loosened to adjust your feel on the board. The truck is the reason why you can control the direction of your board.

Without the truck, you wouldn’t be able to turn or tilt your skateboard, and if you try to use your skateboard without a truck, you can still be able to ride on it but you cannot make any turns, and your ride will just be straight. So when you are buying a skateboard make sure that you adjust the trucks according to the type of turns or strength that you want to keep.

Skateboard Decks

The next part of the skateboard is the reason why you can mount the skateboard, and it is called the deck.

The deck is the wooden part that you stand on and is the largest part of the entire skateboard since you will be mounting both your feet on it. The decks are made from maple wood, plastic, and bamboo. The shape, size and material of the deck will depend on what type of skating you will do.

You can also choose from various colors or designs for your deck, same with your wheels. The deck is the reason behind why you can have fun using the skateboard, and without the deck, you wouldn’t be able to mount on your skateboard or be able to use the skateboard (Again obviously!).

Decks allow you to customize them with different designs and materials which suit your style of riding and even personal preferences.

Now with the help of the grip tape, wheels, bearings, trucks and deck you have your whole skateboard.

Each part may be different from one another and has a different and important function, but without any of the parts, you wouldn’t be able to call a skateboard a skateboard or be able to ride it.

You wouldn’t be able to capture the fun of having a skateboard nor do any tricks and stunts. All the parts together will make the skateboard whole, and it will be more fun to use.