skateboarding ramps

If you are planning to take your skateboarding goals to the next wheel but don’t have a park or time to goto a park you can just get the best cheap skateboard ramp for your home and practice.

The problem is with so many ramps available in the market it can be a tough choice to make, which is why we have listed all the best ramps available in the market that you can get and get started quickly.

Our complete guide will show you how you can pick the right one for you and get started quickly and easily.

Different types of Skateboard Ramps And Best Ones To Get!

Before you learn about different types one thing you have to decide is what kind of skateboarding do you plan to do on them.

Basically there is obstacle and transition, Obstacle consists of pipes, rails etc whereas transition are your typical ramps that consist of quarterpipe, half pipe or mini ramps. Since in this post we will be covering good ramps that you can get for yourself, Obstacles can be anything you have in your driveway and started using it.

Obstacles are what they are named after, anything that comes in between you and your route and need to jumped, grinded over. These are great if you like riding on streets and in open spaces and want to move on the streets doing your tricks instead of tricks in a ramp.

Keeping that in mind lets look into some of the different types of skateboarding ramps that you can get for yourself.

Wedge Ramps

Wedge ramps are the smallest and most simplest ramps out there. They are simple to setup and don’t require too much work when getting started.

They are your simple jump ramps that you can speed up towards and jump off with a bit of height.

They are great for beginners to get started with and aren’t that complicated to begin with. So if you are new and worried whether or not you are ready for conclave and giant ramps then you can get a small wedge ramp and go for it.

Wedge ramps are great for pairing with obstacles though, and can transition you into grinds for practice easily.

Best Wedge Ramp

Ten-Eighty Mini Launch Ramp

If you are looking for something that works great for your kids and is cheap then ten eighty mini ramp is perfect to go for. Technically it comes under a launch ramp but for it’s size you can sort of call it a wedge ramp.


  • It is cheap and thus does not require a huge investment to get.
  • It is small and can be good for kids who are very keen to get started. Because of its size can be placed anywhere it needs to be to practice.
  • Tapered edges for smooth transitions into a ramp or railings and helps avoid any unnecessary injuries that sharp edges might cause.
  • Made of high quality materials.
  • Portable and can be easily moved around by kids.


  • Size is small if you are looking for good airtime.
  • Cannot handle too much weight.

Launch Ramps

Want something to that pushes you off into the sky without any effort? Or probably you want a ramp that helps you jump and attempt those smooth tricks. Well launch ramps will be perfect for you then as they are simple to setup and provide the right jump curve to help you get into the sky.

They can also always be used as a wedge ramp and paired with obstacles. They are great for skateboarders who want more time in the air and want to advance there tricks skill set.

Best Launch Ramps

Skateboard BMX Free Style Launch Ramp

If you are looking for a must get, most quality launch ramp then this is the one to go for. It provides 70 degree launch vertical while supporting 250lbs weight capacity.

Made of high quality molded plastic, has to be screwed down with provided screws for best usage of the ramp.


  • Can be used for multiple sports like BMX and skateboarding.
  • Cheap and comes with 30 day return policy.
  • Perfect price for kids as a gift to get.

Fun Boxes Ramps

Fun boxes are a mini set usually made of 2 wedges connected with a box in the middle, mostly they also consist of obstacles like rails to provide a complete experience.

If you are looking to get a ramp that can help you get started and also help you when you have advanced and need something challenging, then fun boxes ramps are what you should go for.

They are a complete set that you can setup quickly and get started. It does require a bit of space so having some free space out back is probably a good idea.

They are excellent for someone who wants to setup a ramp once and have it be part of there kids lives for a while before having to change or buy a new one.

Best Fun Box Ramps

Skateboard BMX Double Ramp and Transition Kit

A good ramp kit that does not require too much effort from your side apart from you screwing it in the ground. The entire kit is perfect for kids who want to seriously get into skateboarding and want to jump over around in it a lot.

It comes with two launch ramps connected with a deck in the middle. It supports upto 250lbs and is made of durable molded plastic.


  • Cheap ramp kit to get for yourself or your kids.
  • Made of high quality plastic for long durability.
  • Perfect for children to use in any weather.


  • Can be small for adults.

Quarter Pipe Ramps

Are you looking to do some hold tricks while also attempting some small grinds, or maybe you don’t have enough space to get a funbox or half pipe ramp then you can go for a quarter pipe ramp.

Quarter pipes are basically small concaved ramps that are setup to help you push into the air and air great for air tricks that you want to attempt or practice.

Essentially a quarter pipe ramp at home will not be able to provide enough air time to make the right jump for long air tricks but if you want to practice your flow and the jump itself along with some basic air tricks then you can go for a quarter ramp.

Best Quarter Pipe Ramp

FreshPark Professional BMX and Skateboarding Quarter Pipe

A portable, lightweight and sturdy ramp for all your skateboarding and BMX tricks need. A great starter quarter pipe ramp to help your kids get started while keeping the budget and space requirement low for you.


  • Portable and foldable for easy carry and moving around.
  • 33 Inches height with¬†narrow platform in the end for grinds.
  • Weatherproof for no rots, clamps or rust issues.
  • Supports upto 500lbs
  • Easy to assemble, heavy so stays in place without any screw bolts.


  • A bit pricey.

Half Pipe Ramps

You know these ramps or atleast seen them somewhere, they are the most popular ramps out there that you can get for yourself.

Basically they are two quarter pipes connected in the middle. They provide more speed, air time and more options to try on. Unfortunately they do require bit of space to setup as they can be huge.

Half pipes are quite expensive and large for something that you are not sure if you are going to use that much. So when you decide on a half pipe it is probably a good idea to be sure of that you want to use the ramp.